Yingli partners with Its Time Foundation to Provide Solar PVs to Remote Fiji Schools

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
July 12, 2016

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited announced last July 5th that is a subsidiary, Yingli Green Energy Australia Pty. Ltd. has partnered with Its Time Foundation in Wollongong DC, NSW, Australia to power 6 remote schools in the Fiji Islands with Yingli’s solar PV systems as reported by Solar Server. 

The solar PV systems are expected to give savings in excess of US $30,000 every year. Its Time Foundation is a charity organisation that gives focus on providing reliable renewable energy to education facilities, which have very limited access to electricity. Their goal is creating healthier learning environments and educating the community on the advantages and other benefits of reducing their carbon emissions.

Its Time Foundation founder Rob Edwards has selected these schools based on their lack of accessibility to any reliable power form the grid. The PV systems will allow these schools to utilise more savings on education and school resources instead of paying for noisy generators, petrol and kerosene. Solar energy is the best alternative or replacement for generators and kerosene.

According to Edwards, there is no compromise when developing a solution for the children’s progressive education. The cornerstone of a strong education for these students and the school staff is the inclusion of renewable power and lighting solution which is supplied to every school.

Daman Cole, managing Director of Yingli Australia also added that climate change is the most urgent threat that the Pacific Islands face. Replacing dependent power sources like kerosene and petrol generators with renewable, green, clean and affordable solar power energy is a safer and more sustainable, which can also improve the lives of communities in the region.

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Image credit: Yingli Solar


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