Wind And Solar Farms Will Encounter Tighter Rules In Guaranteeing Power

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
June 20, 2017

According to The Australian Political correspondent David Crowe, solar and wind farms will be forced to meet tougher standards to guarantee a more stable energy as the Turnbull government prepares a dramatic overhaul of the sector in a bid to avoid statewide blackouts and electricity price hikes.

The new rules are being pushed forward to make renewable energy projects install batteries or backup systems in filling the gap if the wind or solar generators shut down or fail. This also sparked a row with the Greens over the obligations in ensuring the security of power supply.

The large investment in electricity storage that ranges from batteries to hydro-electric power, is a major theme in an energy security review by the Australian chief scientist Alan Finkel to be put to state and federal leaders.


Click here to read the full story on The Australian


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