Who Will Lead The Boom in Renewable Energy Projects in Australia?

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
January 9, 2017

Australia can expect a boom in the construction industry as many large-scale and solar projects will soon take advantage of Australia’s windy and sun-drenched shores as stated by Ecogeneration. In the past years, wind projects have been a bit sporadic, with solar projects being even scarcer.

And because of the previous project shortage, qualified, skilled and experienced labourers are now hard to find. Now, the question is where can one source experienced labourers for the sudden influx of Australian renewable energy projects?

Many Australian universities have provided leading education in renewable energy, but the lack of local job openings has caused local candidates to focus on Europe for job positions. And with talents working abroad, the sudden influx in Australian energy projects makes the hunt of sourcing suitable talents a hard one. Organisations may choose to recruit international talent through 457 visas, but this option can only offer a short-term solution and may lead to more visa issues.

Also, since the number of experienced Australian talents is low in the sector, local candidates will be expensive to recruit, which will be a serious problem for the abundance of renewable energy projects that are set to start this year.

Click here to read the full story on Ecogeneration

Featured Image Credit: Marufish

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