This Week in Solar: Solar Trust Centre Weekly Recap

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
September 2, 2017

Here are some solar news stories you may have missed from this week. Click on the links to read these stories in more detail.

1. There is Now a Solar-Powered Expanding Camper That You Can Drive Anywhere

The EarthCruiser EXP solar-powered camper is a fully renewable vehicle complete with battery storage. Great for a weekend outdoor trip or off-grid living.

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2. Feed-In Tariff Helps Solar in South Australia

SunWiz reports an 84% rise in commercial solar power installation in SA. Affordability and feed-in tariffs are cited as two factors in this rise.

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3. Australia Is Still Go For Tidal Energy Research with $2.49 Million Grant

Grants from ARENA will allow for a large-scale research project into tidal energy. The research will provide valuable information for energy developers so they can successfully roll out the technology in future.

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4. Darwin Not Adopting Solar Power Quickly Enough

The Australian Energy Council reports the Northern Territory is experiencing some of the highest electricity prices in the country. Solar power could help reduce prices.

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5. Victoria Makes Renewable Energy Target State Law

Victoria has developed its own renewable energy target (VRET), showing their commitment to renewable energy legislation. They aim to reach 25% renewable energy by 2020 and 40% by 2025.

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6. Renewable Energy in the Australian Pork Production Industry

Westpork announces plans to run four of its piggeries in Western Australia on 100% renewable energy. Advanced Energy Resources will work with Westpork on wind and solar projects to meet this goal.

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7. South Australia Gets Another Solar Battery Project

The Tesla battery system isn’t enough for SA; a 30-MW battery will be built on Yorke Peninsula to enhance the state’s power supply network.

Read more here

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