Some United Kingdom Trains May Run On Solar By 2020

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
December 8, 2017

Wired UK has reported that there’s a chance that by the year 2020, trains may be powered by solar energy.

Research by the Imperial College and 10:10, a green energy charity, has found that solar energy will be able to provide 10% of the power needed to fuel the United Kingdom’s DC-powered routes.

The solar project can also:

  • Provide 6% of the London’s Underground power requirement
  • 20% of the Merseyrail network can be supplied by solar power
  • Rail networks close to the equator can also be completely powered by solar

This study has concentrated on confirming that the power of a typical solar farm site could be matched with the patterns of train energy use. The good news is that this is technically feasible and economically attractive

Nathaniel Bottrell, project overseer and a researcher at Imperial College

Click here to read the full story on Wired UK

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