UK Firm Ingenious Group Enters Australian Solar Market           

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
June 27, 2017

UK investor Ingenious Group has made their way to the booming Australian market for large-scale solar, linking up with developer Stellata Energy for a $200 million investment commitment.

The initial partners will be in Western Australia, where Stellata has been developing a flagship 120MW project that costs about $160 million. The project location is near Merridin in the Central Wheatbelt region.

Stellata is a Perth-based firm and has developed more than 600MW of large-scale solar across Europe. The firm also said that its capacity to build the Australian pipeline of projects would be enhanced by Ingenious’ team of investment professionals.

This collaboration will push the development of solar PV projects in Western Australia and will help create local jobs as stated by Stellata director Troy Stanten.

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