Transparent Glass Solar Panels the Next Step in Solar Tech?

“Solar Squared” solar blocks contain optical elements that focus sunlight onto an individual solar cell

glass solar blocks
New innovations in solar power technology are being introduced every year. Now, research from the University of Exeter is making a new contender possible. Researchers have developed solar-harvesting glass blocks that can replace opaque exterior walls as reported by New Atlas. The glass blocks are called “Solar Squared” and contain multiple optical elements that focus sunlight into an individual solar cell. Each block can be wired together over entire walls and then feed the building’s battery with useable electricity. Solar Squared attributes include:
  • Tint can be added to the block to prevent rooms from overheating.
  • It offers better insulation as compared to traditional glass blocks.
  • The blocks are being developed by Build Solar.
  • The glass blocks may be available by next year.
Click here to read the full story on New Atlas  

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