This Week in Solar: South Australia’s renewable energy boom has achieved a global milestone

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
November 2, 2020

1. All of South Australia’s power comes from solar panels in world first for major jurisdiction

South Australia’s renewable energy boom has achieved a global milestone.

The state once known for not having enough power has become the first major jurisdiction in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy.

2. World’s biggest power producer buys $750 million wind project in NSW

Engie, the world’s biggest independent power producer, is reviving its push into the Australia renewable energy market with the purchase of development rights to the $750 million Hills of Gold wind project in northern New South Wales.

3. Gold Coast to light up with 33 MW Goldmine Solar Farm

Project developer Ormed Investments, led by South Africa-born couple Suman and Harsha Makan, plans to build the Goldmine Solar Farm on a site near Gilberton in the city’s north. The proposal is to install 86,935 solar modules with a total capacity of 33.47 MW on the 37.4 hectare site. The current plan includes 13 inverter stations while a battery storage facility will also be constructed at the site.

4. BHP turns to renewables for nickel mine that may supply Tesla, starting with solar and battery

BHP has inked a new deal that will see renewable electricity generation integrated into the power supply for its Nickel West operations in W.A., including solar, wind and energy storage technologies.

5. Aussie startup looks to boost ‘mid-scale’ PV segment through crowd equity

Komo Energy hopes to grow a proper mid-scale solar segment in Australia. With advantages in terms of grid connection and accelerated ‘learning-by-doing,’ Komo’s founders say the market segment holds great promise.

6. Solar and battery “microgrid” approved for development by Gold Coast Council

A 33MW solar and battery project is set to go ahead in a flood-prone area in urban coastal south-east Queensland after the Gold Coast City council gave the project its vote of approval on Tuesday.

7. UNSW ‘green’ thin-film solar researcher awarded PM’s prize for science

One of Australia’s leading solar researchers has been recognised for their contributions to environmentally friendly thin-film solar technologies, taking out one of the 2020 Prime Minister’s prizes for science.

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