This Week in Solar: South Australia Powering Up, Leading The Renewable Energy Tech

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
April 6, 2020

1. Does My Solar System Come With Monitoring?

Monitoring involves keeping track of how much power your solar system is generating and how much electricity you and your family are using.

We encourage you to get monitoring for your new or existing system. Read our blog post for details about solar system monitoring and how this can help your own solar setup.

2. Why South Australia is Now a Leader in Renewable Energy Tech

A battery farm installed by Tesla is helping South Australia power up its people in the event of an emergency.

3. Finally, Australia’s energy network planning will include climate policies

The Energy Security Board has laid the way for climate and renewables targets to be included in future energy system planning, as governments move to put the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) Integrated System Plans into practice.

4. Cooling down PV panels with water

The Sunbooster solution is conceived to cool down modules when ambient temperatures exceed 25 Celsius degrees.

5. New Blockchain Project Lets Users Choose Their Renewable Energy Source

Australian blockchain firm Power Ledger and French green energy retailer ekWateur are betting that consumer choice can help spur the transition to sustainable energy usage.

6. Eureka moment for Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project

The abandoned pits of Kidston gold mine are readymade pumped-hydro infrastructure. Development of the K2-Hydro project will enable expansion of co-located solar generation by up to 270 MW.

7. MPower moves to full construction of 5MW solar farm in South Australia

The plans of renewable microgrid specialist MPower to develop a series of 5MW grid-connected solar farms continue to make progress, with a new EPC contract inked for one of its South Australia projects.

8. Edward River Council Turning To Solar Energy

New South Wales’ Edward River Council is another step closer to what appears to be its first significant solar power installations.


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