This Week in Solar: Solar Skins, Solar thermal power and more

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
February 24, 2020

1. Could ‘solar skins’ power our cities and vehicles?

If there’s one thing we can look forward to for the renewable future, it’s the concept of cities and vehicles powered by their very own sources. Currently in hot discussion, innovations known as ‘solar skins’ or ‘paint’ may just be the next big thing for both the manufacturing of more sustainable vehicles and buildings.

2. Solar thermal power the way forward for Australia despite hiccups, nuclear expert says

As the world looks to Germany as a shining example of how to shift away from polluting coal power, a Queensland-based nuclear expert says solar thermal power is the way forward for Australia.

3. Tesla opens orders to Australia for solar roofs

It’s been a long time coming, but Tesla has finally given the green light on its highly anticipated solar roofs, with v3 now finalised for the market.

4. Wagga Wagga goes solar solar

As part of its $1.7 million investment in a greener future, the City of Wagga Wagga is set to install a series of solar PV arrays across its sites.

5. UNSW students and solar PV in remote Vanuatuan communities

The solar PV solutions they’ve brought with them have helped many communities, but since Cyclone Pam tore through the region in 2015, sustainable solar is more important more than ever.

6. 5 things to watch in Australian solar sector in 2020

2020 promises to bring both good and bad news for the Australian solar sector. While network conditions will continue to deteriorate, the low-carbon policy will become more supportive but also more chaotic.

7. Small is beautiful as solar farms look for ways around grid chaos

A growing number of Australian big solar developers are shifting their focus to smaller-scale projects in a bid to avoid the pitfalls of Australia’s current grid connection and congestion crisis.

8. We need to rebuild Australia’s approach to energy efficient housing

Improving the energy efficiency of homes is increasingly important as the impacts of climate change intensify and as energy prices remain unaffordably high for an increasing number of people.

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