This Week in Solar: Decrease in NEM Emissions Intensity, Renewable Diesel, Renewable Energy’s Performance During Heatwaves, and NSW’s Renewable Energy Target

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
March 1, 2019

Here are some solar news stories you may have missed from this week. Click on the links to read these stories in more detail.

1. Renewable Energy Comes to the Rescue During Australian Heatwaves

RenewEconomy reported yesterday that renewable sources of energy have performed extremely well during the last few record-breaking heatwaves in the country, according to The Australia Institute’s (TAI) National Energy Emissions Audit (January 2019).

2. Renewable diesel hits critical milestone in Australian first trial

A Scania test engine operated solely on 100 per cent renewable diesel fuel made from waste plastic, old vehicle tyres, agriculture and forestry waste, and biosolids.

3. Queensland, Australia is building a 1.5 GW solar farm with 500 MW of battery backup

The little town of Kilcoy northwest of Brisbane – will host an enormous new solar energy installation that will produce 1.5 GW of electricity when completed.

4. Hydro is a perfect partner to wind and solar in Australia says CEC

Hydro power is the perfect partner to complement wind and solar in the country, according to the Clean Energy Council.

5. Snowy 2.0, new Tasmanian connector to deliver fresh opportunities for solar

The federal government’s decision to back the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro project to the tune of $1.38 billion and the Marinus Link connector to Tasmania with $56 million sets the stage for solar to continue its strong growth in Australia.

6. NSW gets a glimpse of its first ever renewable energy target

NSW Labor sets a renewable energy target that could see 50% of the state’s electricity generated from renewable sources by 2030.

7. NEAR energy data site gives accurate picture of solar energy in Australia

A one-stop energy data platform launched last week will help integrate increasing amounts of renewable energy into Australia’s national electricity grid.

8. Aussies bring next-gen zinc bromide batteries to life

A renewable energy focused tech company is releasing an energy storage platform, designed to bring new capability to the energy sector globally.

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