This week in solar: Ikea to sell solar, solar app, and more

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
March 9, 2020

1. Should I get a battery when buying solar panels?

We spoke with leading experts in the solar industry about whether people are buying batteries to go with their panels

2. Does installing solar power reduce my electricity bills?

Solar power doesn’t just help the environment. There are a lot of ways that it can reduce your costs, too. If you want to reduce your energy usage and your electricity bills, read on.

3. IKEA gears up to sell solar power in Australia

The cost-efficient, lowly priced panels will be available across the country in April, which comes seven years after the range was initially introduced to international markets.

4. Solar know-how pours into one easy-to-use app for rooftop PV installers

Perhaps an app could streamline the workload of roof-top PV installers and accelerate the renewable energy transition … “Snap!” said a number of industry like-thinkers who are partnering with the founders of a powerful new digital tool to help the worldwide roof-top sector scale.

5. After more than a year, Kennedy renewable energy farm still not fully connected to grid

The Australia-first facility combines 12 wind turbines, 55,000 solar panels, and four megawatt hours of battery storage, all designed to power 35,000 homes.

6. Bushfire-affected South Australia homeowners to get free sonnen batteries

The state government has partnered with the German energy storage company to offer 188 families locally assembled sonnen Batteries as they rebuild their homes.

7. Iconic brand Kathmandu adopts solar power for greener operations by 2025

Known for its long-standing outdoor clothing range and adventure equipment, Kathmandu has set its sights on opening its first-ever solar-powered store in Victoria. Based in Blackburn, Melbourne, the shop will be the company’s first step towards reducing its environmental footprint.

8. Small-scale utility solar thriving on path of least resistance

South Australia is seeing a surge of small-scale utility solar as the niche, particularly around the 5MW mark, can fly under the radar of much of the electricity network’s congestion woes. The newly completed Mannum Solar Farm Project is one such example.

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