This Week in Solar: Bushfire damage to energy infrastructure

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
January 13, 2020

1. Understanding Bushfires and their effect on Solar Output

During bushfires, will your solar panels still perform well? Here’s what you need to know.

2. NSW to Victoria interconnector disconnected as bushfires threaten transmission

Australia’s bushfire crisis is beginning to expose a National Energy Market over-reliant on vulnerable individual elements. Does Australia’s changing environment necessitate a localised energy future?

3. A Green New Deal for Australia?

Australia’s thinking on climate change and the energy transition must surely forever be informed by the inferno being suffered this summer.

4. Rooftop solar a shining light in Australia’s renewable revolution

David Green, who installed solar panels on the roof of his Burwood, Melbourne home a year ago, has sliced $470 off his annual electricity bill and earned another $800 for the excess power he sends back into the grid.

5. New microgrid tech brings solar energy to Melbourne renters

Ovida has launched the first site of its $2.3million Community Energy Hubs project – a 52-resident community housing apartment building in the Melbourne suburb of Preston, with a solar and battery storage system.

6. New Year, new robotic broom for Australian solar farms

“In Sydney, I did a demo on a rooftop. It was a 1 MW solar installation and the cleaners told me it takes them a week to clean it. With the robot, it took three hours,” says Romain Gourmet, SolarCleano International Business Development Executive.

7. Parking on Sunshine, Brimbank Council switches on new solar-powered carpark

The City of Brimbank continues to intensify its high penetration of rooftop solar PV with the addition of a new array and accompanying electric vehicle charging station atop a multi-deck in the solar-friendly suburb of Sunshine.

8. How smoke could be impacting your solar panel performance

As locals cough and splutter through the dust and smokey conditions, those with solar panels are reminded of the impact this may have on their electricity generation.

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