This Week in Solar: Australia’s first states to run on 100% solar!

Here are some solar news stories you might have missed this week:

This Week in Solar: Australia's first states to run on 100% solar!

1. LG’s Top 6 FAQs about Solar Panels – Warranties

When it comes to considering solar as an option for your home, many people want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

2. The ACT is now running on 100 renewable electricity

From 1 January 2020, the Australian Capital Territory “will officially be powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity”, the territory’s climate change minister Shane Rattenbury. That makes Canberra only the world’s eighth major city – and first outside Europe – to make the switch.

3. Shared solar switched on at Melbourne apartment block

A microgrid installed on an apartment block in Melbourne will provide clean and affordable electricity to 52 low-income households. It will deliver shared solar PV and batteries to more multi-tenanted buildings in the city.

4. Power Ledger enables solar P2P trading in new Perth development

Peer-to-peer energy trading (P2P) is set to be installed into nine apartments in Perth’s eastern suburbs. The development’s integration with smart energy trading technology will allow the space to share a solar PV system and SENEC battery.

5. Western Sydney shopping centre taps solar to slash power bills by 25%

An impressive 1MW rooftop solar array has been installed across a shopping centre in western Sydney that is expected to shave an estimated 25% off its annual electricity bill.

6. Unique hybrid solar PV installation now powering WA mine

The6.7 MW solar PV array was integrated with an existing diesel power station to become the country’s first fully-integrated commercial hybrid diesel/solar facility.

7. Western Australia’s first big battery delivered to Kalbarri microgrid

Western Australia’s very own Big Battery – at least, the first and largest yet to be installed on the state’s grid – has been dispatched to its destination in Kalbarri, where it will become the centrepiece of a solar and wind microgrid that promises to deliver much improved reliability than the local grid.

8. Australia’s rooftop solar sector reeling in a renewable revolution

Experts in the field say a fresh take on distributed energy grids is needed. They suggest a model where electricity is generated from houses, businesses and large-scale renewable developments could decrease bills for those able to install bot batteries and panels, and for those who remain heavily dependent on the grid.

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LG’s Top 6 FAQs about Solar Panels - Warranties

LG’s Top 6 FAQs about Solar Panels – Warranties

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