Tesla Is On Track On 100MW/129MWh Energy Storage For South Australia

Tesla is hopeful of increased margins of energy storage with higher capacity utilization as well lowering manufacturing costs.

Tesla has released their Q3 2017 report and has highlighted an update from their Tesla Energy division as reported by Electrek. The highlight is the 100-day deployment deadline for the Li-Ion storage battery project for South Australia, which is ahead of schedule. The report also mentioned the work being completed in Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane. The Q3 report included the following info:
  • 11% of revenue from that quarter came from the Tesla Energy division.
  • 110 megawatt-hours of storage was deployed which represents 12% Q-to-Q growth and 138% year-to-year growth.
  • 80% of the Powerpacks are deployed.
  • Total revenue was $2.68 billion and 11% of it is from energy generation and storage.
Click here to read the full story on Electrek
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Written by Jon Capistrano

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