Tesla Accomplishes Melbourne to Brisbane Supercharger Corridor

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
January 17, 2017

Cleantechnica reported that Tesla has just finished building a 1,600 kilometre Supercharger corridor from Melbourne to Brisbane. This means that for the first time, Tesla owners in Australia can easily take a trip between the two mentioned locations, using the Supercharger stations for recharging.

The corridor was finished after the completion of 3 new supercharger stations along the route – one in Heatherbrae, then one in Knockrow and one in Coffs Harbour. The Heatherbrae and Knockrow stations feature 6 charging stalls each while the Coffs Harbour station has one which is intended to be a temporary charging station. The Coffs Harbour station will be replaced by a permanent location somewhere nearby in the near future.

Tesla has 11 Supercharger stations across Australia, with another two in Keith and Ballarat being constructed. Tesla expects to have a total of 18 Supercharger stations opened in Australia, with one as far as Perth by the end of this year. This will ensure that Tesla’s entire range of vehicles, including the upcoming mass-market Model 3 sedan can go between Supercharger stations without experiencing issues related to range. The company has strategically spaced stations no more than 150 miles apart, thus allowing even its lowest range vehicle to travel comfortably between stations.

Click here to read the full story on Cleantechnica


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