Sungrow Australian Shipments Goes Up with Rooftop Market Mid-year Surge

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
July 15, 2016

Chinese inverter supplier Sungrow reports that it has become the leading Chinese inverter supplier to the Australian inverter market, with a record of 50 megawatts of shipments to the small business and home segment in 2015.

The Australian residential rooftop market registered a vigorous uptick last May, according to the data compiled by Green Energy Markets, with over 62 megawatts of small-scale rooftop solar system installed. Presently, the Australian rooftop market is known to be one of the strongest in the world due to the highest penetration of residential solar around the world comprising of 15% of all homes as stated on the numbers last 2015.

However, the solar markets have slowed down a bit this year with installation figures showing below the 2015 numbers and significantly below the targets set by the regulator. Green Energy Market figures have shown reason to hope that things may be turning around, with May projecting month-to-month growth across Australia. In its monthly Snapshot, renewable analysts have shown MoM rooftop market growth across all states with more than 10%, with the exceptions of South Australia that went up to 5% MoM.

Around 62.3 watts per hour of capacity was added to the Australian rooftops last May, which brings the year-to-date total to more than 269 megawatts. The average rooftop system size so far this year is about 5.2 kilowatts per hour.

The Australian photovoltaic market has always shown acceptance to Chinese suppliers and has a reputation for being a low-cost market. The Chinese module and inverter suppliers pretty well established in Australia. China’s Sungrow has announced that it has quadrupled its Australian residential inverter shipments in 2015 accounting to 50 megawatts supplied. The reports also showed that the inverter and storage hybrid product have exceeded their expectations, with their products selling out even before shipments began.

Sungrow entered the Australian market in 2012 and Sungrow President Renxian Cao said that he expected the Australian market to remain stable.

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Image credit: Infinite Energy

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