South Australian Steel Industry is Slowly Switching To Renewable Energy

This is a huge shift in the way heavy industries do business and the country has seen other companies are doing following suit.

It’s no secret that Australian 1.6 million households, small and medium businesses have embraced renewable energy. Now, renewable energy is slowly making its way into other industries as reported by Ecogeneration. GFG Alliance, lead by Sanjeev Gupta, is already taking advantage of renewable energy as it has taken majority ownership of the renewable energy company Zen Energy. GFG will power the steelworks business with a mix of solar and other energy sources. This could start a new trend in Australia of solar power being used in industries not previously open to the idea.
  • Neoen is planning to build a big wind farm backed by energy storage for Nectar Farms as part of its $65 million expansion.
  • Communications giant Telstra has signed a deal to purchase power from a 70-megawatt solar farm in North Queensland.
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Written by Jon Capistrano

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