South Australia Powered by Renewable Energy After Coal Plant Closed

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
May 21, 2016

South Australia is now getting the bulk of electricity from solar and wind power after its local coal-fired power plant closed as reported by Independent UK. 

The state exclusively uses gas generators, wind turbines and solar panels that serve a population of 1.7 More than 50% of the region’s electricity stems from solar and wind, with the remainder coming from energy efficient combines gas plants.

The final coal station that still runs in Port Augusta closed down last May 9 after 31 years of operation. The plant generated 520 MW of power from coal, but it failed to compete with the falling process of clean renewable energy. The plant’s closure produced a short fall in wholesale energy prices across the state.

The Renewable SA transition initiative was established by the state government in 2009 with a promise of $10B invested in low carbon generation by the year 2025. However, there are still some concerns in the state that renewable energy sources will not be able to cope with the peak demand, specifically during the dark winter evenings.

According to Ian Hunter, environment minister for South Australia, the national grid was holding back the progress of renewable energy in the state by failing to change and adapt to new energy resources. He added that the transition to renewable energy was very difficult and painful because of the built in network constraints and outdated systems.

South Australia Plans to become the country’s wind and solar capital and is working towards 100% reliant on renewable energy sources.

Difficulties are always present when change is present and hopefully the power grids also change to accommodate a cleaner energy source.

Click here for the full story on The Independent UK

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