Solar Wallpaper Gets Power Through Photosynthesis

The still alive cyanobacteria performed photosynthesis and allowed the bio-solar panel to harvest electrical energy.

A team of researchers from the Imperial College of London just invented an energy-harvesting wallpaper as reported by Inhabitat. The research team describes their invention as a 2-in-1 bio-battery and solar panel. They stated that an iPad-sized piece of this solar wallpaper can provide enough electricity to power small devices like a digital clock or an LED bulb.
Imagine a paper-based, disposable environmental sensor disguised as wallpaper, which could monitor air quality in the home. When it has done its job it could be removed and left to biodegrade in the garden without any impact on the environment. Marin Sawa, Imperial College of London
The small output is more suited to small devices and applications and scaling up will not really be possible in the near future. Click here to read the full story on Inhabitat      

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