Solar Power Systems and Batteries Could Save Kiwis Billions of Dollars

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
November 26, 2016

Via Energy Matters, New Zealand electricity consumers could collectively save billions of dollars through the advantages of solar PVs and solar battery storage. But these savings aren’t just for those with solar panels.

A new report released by the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand found there is great potential for cleaner energy technology if it is allowed to show what the systems are capable of.

According to Dr Rob Passey of IT Power Australia, the lead author of the report, by 2040 New Zealand solar households could have saved between NZ $1.35-3.4 billion, but the advantages and benefits are not restricted to just solar owners.

Solar and energy storage with lower peak demand and associated network costs, reduce costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions, cut wholesale electricity prices and help reduce line losses through electricity being consumed close to the point of generation. And solar PVs with a battery backup could provide emergency power during blackouts.

According to SEANZ chairman Brendan Winitana, the benefits for New Zealand were clear, and yet the regulator and some of the incumbent electricity industry are actively trying to stall the uptake of solar with misinformation and the introduction of a solar tax. Winitana also stated that the report shows there’s not only zero economic justification for a penalty on solar households, it would also be counterproductive to all electricity consumers.

According to the released report, the total capacity of solar PV in New Zealand has rapidly increased in the last 5 years, jumping 9x within 2012-2016. Home solar power made up 78% of capacity installation in 2016, followed by commercial solar.

Click here to read the story on Energy Matters

Featured Image Credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ

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