Solar Panel Users and Customers To Get Benefits From Tariff Rises

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
July 16, 2017

According to Andrew White, The Australian Business Review Mining and Energy Associate Editor, households with rooftop solar panels are set to share in the boom in wholesale energy costs as retailers prepare to hike the feed-in tariffs by as much as 140%.

Following hikes of up to 20% in retail electricity bills AGL Energy, Origin Energy and Energy Australia are all paying to secure solar power which can be fed or brought back to the grid and then resold.

AGL stated that it would increase the FiT from about 6.8c/kilowatt hour to 16.3c in South Australia. Victorian FiTs will go up from 5c/kilowatt hour to 11.3c/kilowatt hour; Queensland is 6c/kilowatt hour to 10.6c/kilowatt-hour, and in New South Wales 6.1c/kilowatt hour up to 11.1c/kilowatt hour. AGL stated that the FiT increase could be worth up to $323 for some households.

Click here to read the full story on The Australian Business Review


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