This Week in Solar: Solar bins, Solar for Renters, and more

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
October 7, 2019

1. Solar powered smart bins doing a manly job
Sydney’s iconic Shelley Beach is now home to two solar-powered smart bins, the bins are capable of compacting waste to reduce collections, thereby cutting council emissions.

2. Solar Analytics to bring renters into solar market with Solar for Rentals

Solar Analytics – which specialises in data and monitoring devices – has expanded its business into offering solar for renters, launching Solar for Rentals, following its acquisition of Sydney-based start-up SunTenants earlier in the year.

3. Australia rooftop solar installations equal record 180MW in September

The latest data released by SunWiz shows the boom in small-scale rooftop solar (up to 100kW) continues in 2019, with year to date reaching 1.5GW and running nearly 40 per cent ahead of last year, and poised to break the 2GW barrier for the calendar year.

4. Blue Mountains going carbon neutral

Blue Mountains City Council has set a firm carbon neutrality target for 2025 after getting the nod from the Three Sisters. The region is quickly becoming known for its sustainability.

5. Power company trials solar, batteries and controlling home air conditioning to manage regional grid

Government-owned power retailer Horizon Power offered cheap solar and battery systems to 15 households that would also allow the electricity company the ability to turn their air conditioners off.

6. Wind and solar continue rapid growth, help cut Australia’s grid emissions

The growth of wind and solar continued in Australia during the month of September, and the new additions are clearly playing the key role in reducing emissions from Australia’s main grid – despite some noisy myth–and-mischief-making from the political right.

7. Voltage oscillations: Solar plants suffer because regulations haven’t caught up

Recent developments in the National Electricity Market have caused some solar and wind farms to be curtailed due to “voltage oscillation and system strength issues”.

8. 2019 Solar Design and Installation Awards finalists announced

The 2019 Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation Awards finalists have been announced, which were selected by a panel of industry experts.

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