Solar and Wind Power To Reduce Australia’s Water Consumption

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
May 22, 2018

Australia is one of the 20 countries in the world for water consumption. A new study shows that solar and wind power use could ease pressure on the country’s water supply as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The World Resources Industry has stated in their report Australia may be hit by water shortage unless the country shifts to renewable energy as opposed to using traditional fossil fuels. The WRI state that renewable energy sources use little water when producing energy.

For every megawatt-hour of electricity produced by coal, it withdraws 60,700 litres of water and consumes around 2,600 litres. That’s a lot of water for every megawatt of electricity.

By better managing their limited water resources and investing in the right energy systems these renewable forms of energy can help countries meet their increased demand for electricity without adding carbon emissions or consuming water. This could be particularly beneficial in countries where growing populations, farms and industries are already competing for scant water supplies.

World Resources Institute’s manager for water, Tianyi Luo

Australia only uses 5% solar energy of its total power generation so there is room for a lot more in the country.

Click here to read the full story at The Sydney Morning Herald



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