Simulation Shows a World Dominated by Renewable Energy

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
November 10, 2016

According to Energy Matters, researchers in Finland have developed a model showing how global electricity system based entirely on renewable energy sources would function in 2030.

The simulation is designed to illustrate how renewables like solar and wind alone can supply the world’s energy needs and fulfill the targets set at last year’s Paris Climate Summit. The simulation was created by Lappeenranta University of Technology, the simulation is called the Global Internet of Energy Model visualizes a 100% renewable energy system for the energy sector for the year 2030. It splits the globe into 145 regions within an aggregated world map and is specifically designed to discover the most economical path to a global energy system.

The model details the region the demand and flow of electricity and shows how renewable sources supply energy all year round. By factoring the best mix of renewable technologies, storage solutions and transmission components, by 2030, it predicts a rough but levelised cost of energy of between 55-70 euros/megawatt-hour for all 9 major regions in the world.

According to Christian Breyer, LUT Solar Economy Professor and the lead scientist behind the model, he said that the simulation, anyone can explore what a renewable electricity system would look like. Plus, it’s the first time scientists have been able to do this on a global scale.

The research and development team is planning to improve the model beyond the energy sector and will include, transportation and heating sectors in the future. The team want to prove that renewable energy is stable enough to run global power systems without the need for backup baseload power that are sourced from fossil fuels. And with the right management, it can provide 24/7 electricity on a large scale.

The research and development team designed the model to be viewed by the public, policymakers and other institutions in the hope of generating more fact-based discussions on the global energy transition.

Click here to read the full story on Energy Matters

Featured Image Credit: Portland General Electric

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