Rottnest Island Solar Farm Reduces Dependency on Diesel Generators

The $7.3 million farm, which can produce about 600KW of solar energy, was built by the Rottnest Island Authority and Hydro Tasmania

Rottnest Island
A new Rottnest Island solar farm has reduced its dependency on diesel generators and is saving $600 a day as reported by The West Australian. The $7.3 million solar farm can produce 600 kilowatts and was built by the Rottnest Island Authority and Hydro Tasmania. The clean and renewable energy now accounts for 45% of the island’s energy production, with the solar farm working alongside the island’s existing wind turbine. Before the solar farm was installed, Rottnest used to have an annual power consumption of 5 gigawatt-hours by way of 5 diesel generators, 2 low-load diesel generators, and the wind turbine.
Rottnest Island is an isolated community and is totally reliant upon its own resources for the supply of energy and water for visitors. Careful management of its resources is critical to the sustainability of the island as a self-funding tourism destination. Tourism Minister Paul Papalia
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