“Cheap Solar – A Cautionary Tale” ebook

Cheap Solar

Download “Cheap Solar – A Cautionary Tale” ebook

A few years ago an Australian installer wanted to highlight the pitfalls of cheap solar and started a Facebook page called tongue-in-cheek “Crap Solar”.

The site now has many hundreds of examples of poor installation practice and failed systems. More recently a summary of the “Crap Solar” material has been collated in an easy to read brochure. Solar Trust Centre has now gained a copy of this material and you can see it by simply clicking here.

In this ebook you’ll see some of the common problems associated with cheap solar in Australia:

  • Poor installation practices
  • Fake warranty agreements
  • Unreliable solar dealers and installers
  • Installations in shaded areas
  • Expensive yet cheap quality solar panels

Learn the signs on cheap solar and don’t fall for a less than quality deal when you purchase a solar system.

Download the ebook here (right click and choose ‘Save Link As…’):

Download the ebook

Hope you enjoy the read and learn how to avoid the cheap crap!


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