Beginner’s Guide To Solar ebook


Download the ‘Beginner’s Guide to Solar’ ebook

We all love the promise of solar power.

But getting up to speed can be a challenge. There’s so much conflicting advice, and sadly, a number of shonky players in the industry.

That’s why LG Energy – one of the world’s largest suppliers of high quality solar panels – have put together this exceptional ebook, covering everything you need to know about solar systems, their components, the benefits and how you can get started.

In this handy 16-page guide you’ll learn:

  • Why You Should Choose a Solar System
  • The Benefits of Going Solar
  • How a Grid System Works
  • How an Off-Grid System Works
  • The Components of your Solar System
    • Solar Panels
    • Inverters, Micro-inverters, Optimisers
    • Mounting Systems
    • Batteries
    • Metering your Solar System
    • Measuring how your components perform. The Difference between KW and KW/H
    • Rating your Solar System
  • Installing PV Panels for your Solar System
    • Tilting and Orientation
    • Daily Routine
    • Shading
    • Mounting
    • Installing Panels for Longer-Lasting Performance
    • How Long Solar Systems Last
  • Solar Panel Sizes
  • Incentives, Rebates and Financing
  • Are There Rebates Available for Your Solar System?
    • What are STC Certificates?
    • What Are Feed in Tariffs?
    • Zero Deposit Payment Plans
    • Details on How to Choose a Solar Installer
  • Questions to Ask Before you Buy
  • Additional Tips to Avoid the Solar Sharks and Poor Quality Solar Equipment

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