Renewable Is Contributing 1/5 of New South Wale’s Power Needs

The private sector is investing $14 billion in renewable projects or “10,000 megawatts in the system waiting to be built

New South Wales is steadily switching to renewable for their power needs and is contributing 1/5 of the state’s power requirements. The figures are from 2016 stating the state’s electricity mix of 19.6% from solar, hydro, wind, bioenergy and small hydro. Gas is now at 4.6% and coal power is at 75.8% as reported by ABC News.
There are well over 1,000 megawatts of renewables being constructed or being committed in New South Wales and that’s more than Liddell was putting into the grid in February this year when it was extremely hot and there was load shedding. -Andrew Stock, Climate Council’s energy specialist
According to NSW renewable advocate Amy Kean, the Snowy Hydro scheme, industrial, solar and household rooftop solar are the biggest renewable contributors in the state. She also stated that the exponential growth is due to the low cost of wind and solar. Click here to read the full story on ABC News    
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