One of Australia’s largest Solar Farm Planned for Gympie

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
April 28, 2017

Gympie is designated for one of Australia’s largest solar farms with a $2B facility that will aim to supply 15% of south-east Queensland’s power and bring with it 450 jobs during construction.

Local Queensland company, Solar Q, has lodged a development application with Gympie Regional Council to construct a solar farm and battery storage facility at an existing substation at Lower Wonga.

Mayor Mick Curran said that if approved, it would be the most significant project ever planned for the Gympie region, creating 450 jobs during an 18-month construction phase and up to 8 full-time jobs during servicing periods.

The 3 million solar panels on the 17-square kilometre site of cleared grazing land will give enough power to power 315,000 homes, making it the biggest solar farm in Australia.


Click here to read the full story on Gympie Times

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