Lightweight Solar Panels Install in 2 Minutes

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
June 26, 2016

There are millions of flat commercial roofs around the world that are currently not able to support the weight of standard rooftop solar systems, squandering significant clean energy potential according to an article by Inhabitat. 

California solar firm Beamreach Solar has designed an elegant new solar panel they dubbed “Sprint”. The solar panels are capable of producing 30% more energy as compared to conventional photovoltaic technology. The Sprint panels are also easier to install which requires zero tools and zero grounding.

Kerstens told Inhabitat that Sprint solar panels are not only more efficient compared to existing technology, but also more affordable because the panels are much easier and faster to assemble and install. The racking system is already installed and integrated into the panel thus, any person can install them in under two minutes even if without any professional training. This is 5x faster than solar panels that have to be drilled into a roof, plus removing any potential barriers for customers who may be intimidated by installing a rooftop solar system. The company’s new technology reduces labour and installation costs. It can also be installed closer to each other without reducing efficiency, thus resulting in more overall output.

Presently, the “Sprint” solar panels produces up to 320 watts, and the company said they are steadily improving their output and will eventually have building integrated panels with their technology. The rooftop panels have been tested to withstand wind speed of up to 115 mph and are actually beneficial in areas with heavy snow. The solar panel can handle weight loads of up to 5400 Pascals which is almost equal to 113 lbs/sq.ft.

The Sprint solar panels come with a built-in handle that makes it easier to carry. This design also makes shipping easier and more affordable. The company also stated that the solar panels are suited for countries that reach higher than average summer temperatures. Beamreach also noted that any solar panels can take the sun, but not the heat, thus their performance goes down with every increase in temperature. The “Sprint” solar panels have a lower temperature coefficient curve than most technology in the market today. This makes it possible to introduce clean solar energy to the masses.

Click here to read full story on Inhabitat


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