LG Electronics Australia Now Provides 25 Years Warranty To NeON 2 Solar Module Range

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
May 18, 2018

LG Electronics Australia have just announced they are extending their Product Warranty to 25 years for LG NeON 2 – A5 models and other variants that include the 320 Black, 325, 330 and 335.

The new warranty policy will apply to LG solar modules from October 1, 2017, bearing the serial number prefix 710Kxxxxxxxx~.

LG announced the decision to make these changes in their warranty policy due to the successful distribution of 750,000 solar panels in Australia with a very small amount of warranty returns. They are confident that their products are truly working as expected and so immediately provided the warranty extension.

Solar 25 Year Warranty Logo FINAL

“LG NeON 2 and NeON R panels now offer a 15 year longer warranty period than the industry standard 10 years. We see this as a Game Changer,” said Markus Lambert, General Manager Solar & Energy.

All LG NeON modules that were delivered to LG dealers and distributors nationwide in the past 2 months will get the new 25-year product warranty.

NeON 2

From design, production to delivery and installation via our 70 strong dealer network, we follow stringent protocols to ensure the integrity of our solar panels. This increase in warranty reflects our confidence that our products can go the distance.

For a period of time, we have been concerned how the 25-year Output Warranty has been misused by Crap Solar Companies to mislead the customer into believing they have a proper, valuable 25 Product Warranty. In LG’s case now the choice is clear – there is one strong warranty – 25 Years Product warranty.

Markus Lambert, General Manager Solar & Energy for LG

LG Electronics Australia has won the Top Brand Award for three consecutive years from 2016, 2017 and 2018. The brand is trusted by most Australian installers as it offers high quality for the customer.

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