Italian Scooter Vespa has Introduced an All-electric Scooter in EICMA

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
November 9, 2016

Exciting news from Inhabitat, Classic Italian scooter manufacturer Vespa just unveiled its new all-electric scooter concepts as well as a special edition model of the Vespa 946 to benefit to benefit AIDS research. At Milan’s annual motorcycle show EICMA, the 70-year-old scooter company leaped into the leading edge of urban transportation with its first-ever all-electric model, dubbed as the Vespa Elettrica, which is due to start production late next year.

Vespa has also launched the limited edition Vespa 946 RED model to benefit research and prevention of AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in Africa, where millions people are at risk of contracting the life-threatening illnesses.

Scooters have been a viable alternative to cars in many urban areas since they use less fuel and takes up less space, although an all-electric scooter are not yet standard.

The Vespa Elettrica model was developed by the Piaggio group, parent company of the Vespa brand and a leading maker of electric engines. The preliminary product shots ate EICMA reveal a snappy, brushed metal body with blue accents. The metal body looks like the current Primavera model the company is selling now. Although it has the modern looks, it’s still unmistakably a Vespa. The signature Vespa style is still very evident. Vespa plans to start production and sales of the all-electric scooter in late 2017.

Together with this electric scooter, Vespa is also launching a special edition, all red version of the Vespa 946 to benefit a nonprofit devoted on AIDS research and prevention, malaria and tuberculosis. Proceeds from the sales of the special edition Vespa 946 will be contributed to further support these efforts.

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