IIG Funds 50,000 New Solar Panels For Victoria

The funds manager is looking to a $1 billion investment in solar by the year 2020

solar project Victoria
The Australian funds manager Impact Investment Group will provide funds for the construction and operation of a new 19-megawatt solar farm in Swan Hill, Victoria. The funds manager is looking to a $1 billion investment in solar by the year 2020 as reported by The Urban Developer. The solar project is expected to be one of the highest capacity solar farms in Victoria once completed. Key advantages of the Swan Hill Solar Farm include:
  • It is expected to produce 37,700 megawatt-hours once completed.
  • The farm can power about 6,300 Australian households.
  • It’s expected 25 years operating life will save about 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • The solar farm will include 50,000 solar panels operating on a single axis tracking system.
  • 14,300 Australians will be saved from pollution related diseases.
Project construction is expected to start late August 2017. Click here to read the full story on The Urban Developer
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