The Gullen Range Solar and Wind Farm In Now Providing Grid Electricity

Gullen Range is one of a number of co-located wind and solar projects that are being built in order to share infrastructure such as roads, power lines and telecommunications

Clean Technica reported that the Gullen Range solar farm is the first solar facility to be co-located with a wind farm and is now generating electricity to the grid. Here are the key details of the farms:
  • The 10-megawatt solar farm is alongside the 165 megawatts Gullen range wind farm.
  • The two renewable energy farms are owned by the New Gullen Range Wind Farm
  • 25% owned by the Chinese firm Goldwin.
  • 75% by Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy.
  • Gullen solar first generated power in August and since then has provided power to the grid.
  • The farm gained a $10M grant from ARENA.
Co-location provides more continuous energy generation, as wind farms tend to generate more energy overnight whilst solar only generates during the day. Gullen Wind Farm generates more power in winter and the new solar farm will generate more in summer. –  Ivor Frischknecht, ARENA
Click here to read the full story on Clean Technica

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