The Greens’ 100% Clean Energy Plan Equals Job Opportunities In SA

Clean Energy Plan is Recipe for Job Creation

Sustainable energy
The Green’s initiative to have South Australia powered by renewable energy by the year 2030 is a very good opportunity for job creation as stated by party leader Richard Di Natale as reported by ABC News. The Greens’ energy policy would see the state to be 100% dependent on clean energy using solar, wind and solar thermal. The vision outlines a $15B investment in clean energy in South Australia and would create between 800 – 1,000 full-time construction and design jobs within the next 15 years. Mr. Di Natale said that it’s a gateway to more sustainable and long-term employment option for people in SA. He also added the transition to clean energy is essential in unlocking the South Australia’s economic promise and battling global warming. It’s a tough time for South Australia and the Whyalla community is facing the possible closure of its biggest employer, while Port Augusta prepares to close its coal-powered station. At present, South Australia continue to have the country’s highest unemployment rate at 7.7%. The Green’s website says that the SA flagship project would be a large-scale solar thermal plant in Port Augusta which can create 50 continues jobs.  The Greens’ national plan is to have 90% of energy from renewables by the year 2030, to have $500M government authority in driving clean energy projects and to have a transition fund to assist coal workers and communities with the coming changes. The transition may be hard at first but once everything settled and established, people will be able to accept and adapt to a higher use of renewables. Click here to read the full story on ABC News

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Written by Jon Capistrano

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