Government is Accused of Renewable Policy Paralysis Over Renewable Targets

The only sure thing was that electricity prices would go up and everyone will be affected.

ABC news reported that the arguments between the state and federal governments on renewable energy targets are creating big uncertainty as stated by many energy and climate change experts. David Blowers of the Grattan Institute stated that investors, utilities, households and businesses are in the dark about what to expect this year. He said that the only sure thing is that electricity prices will be going up and everyone will be affected. Blowers also said that it might disagreeable, but there must be a give and take on both sides if politicians are to reach consensus and enable investment. He said that it’s a battle between the federal Government and the Opposition on what they want the policies to be, and at the end of the day, both parties are going to have to give a little. He also added that state governments have introduced their own renewable energy targets, thus meeting a consensus will be hard. The CSIRO and Energy Networks Australia have submitted research called the “Electricity Network Transformational Road Map” to the Finkel review of electricity. It is scheduled to be handed down this April. CSIRO chief energy economist, Paul Graham, stated that policy certainty including pricing on carbon should be included. Click here to read the full story on ABC News

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Written by Jon Capistrano

Jon specialises in research and content creation for our outreach campaigns. He’s worked as a technical support representative for Dell, America Online, Xbox and Dodo Australia. He’s an avid scooterist and musician.

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