Genex Power Limited Has Made UGL its EPC Contractor For Solar Project

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
December 19, 2017

Genex power Limited has appointed UGL as their engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the 270 megawatts Kidston Stage 2 Solar project in North Queensland as reported by PV Tech.

The project is part of the larger development that includes a 250-megawatt hydro-pumped storage project.

UGL was also made the contractor by Genex for their 50- megawatts Kidston Solar One project which has already started this month. As part of their agreement, Genex will work with UGL on finalising an EPC contract that is cost-effective and also a time-efficient solution for the 270-megawatt installation.

UGL has been selected as the preferred EPC contractor for K2-Solar based on its strong delivery performance for KS1, which commenced generation on schedule and within budget earlier this month. Since the appointment of UGL as EPC Contractor for KS1 on December 2016, UGL has expanded its project portfolio in Australia to become one of the leading contractors for large-scale solar projects

Michael Addison, Genex managing director

Click here to read the full story on PV Tech

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