Experts Choice Residential Electricity Awards Results: Australia’s Best Value Electricity Plans

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
September 7, 2017

A comparison site has revealed the best value electricity providers in Australia, as reported by has studied 274 plans from 27 electricity providers in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Queensland for their Express Residential Electricity Awards.

The award found the difference between the best and worst performing plans added up to more than $2,000 every year.

The most solar-friendly providers for each state are as follows:


  • Dodo Power & Gas (market offer)
  • Commander Power & Gas (market offer).


  • GloBird (EasySave)
  • GloBird (GloSave)


  • Origin Energy (Solar Boost Plus)

South Australia

  • Origin (Solar Boost Plus)


  • Origin (Solar Boost Plus) also shares the best value electricity and GreenPower providers in Australia. Click here to read the full story on

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