Everything you need to know about the Tesla Solar Roof offer in Australia

Solar Trust Centre Team
Solar Trust Centre Team
September 6, 2019

Tesla Australia have launched their 2019 offer for Solar Roof.

Tesla Australia has added their Solar Roof offering to their website. This outlines the services you can expect to see with Tesla. Check the guidelines to get the best product for you. In addition, you can learn about the warranties offered with Tesla products.

The Tesla Solar Roof can turn your home into a personal utility. The Tesla solar offer provides your home with glass solar tiles that convert sunlight into electricity. Furthermore, you can choose the appearance of your tiles to compliment your home’s architecture. Tesla offers a roof pitch of 14 to 90 degrees.

Tesla’s solar tiles come with a warranty for the lifetime of your house. Solar Roof gets the most out of solar energy through integration with the Powerwall battery. For instance, you can access back up power stored by your battery.

Powerwall battery

Tesla’s 100% self-powered battery saves costs. On a typical day, you can meet your energy needs with solar and Powerwall. In other words, you won’t have to rely on the grid ever again. In addition, Powerwall can provide over seven days of continuous power in the event of an outage.


The Tesla Solar Roof offer accommodates your existing house. For instance, you can select the size of your solar installation:

  • A small installation produces an average of 13-18 kWh per day
  • A medium installation produces an average of 26-36 kWh per day
  • A large installation produces an average of 38-55 kWh per day

Moreover, you can fins the best system for your house with help from Tesla. Estimate the size of your house by your number of bedrooms.


Tesla’s solar tiles measure 365x184mm. You will receive a thirty year power warranty, as well as a thirty year weatherization warranty. Tesla makes Solar Roof tiles with tempered glass. Therefore, you will receive the highest quality in durable tiles. Tesla’s tiles have received the best ratings against:

  • Hail (Class C ANSI FM 4473)
  • Wind (Class F ASTM D3161)
  • Fire (Class A UL 790)

Find out more on how to reserve a Solar Roof.

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  1. We are the Strata committee for our Owner’s corporation in NSW. We intend to utilise our roof space of a 7 story 47 apartments building for Green energy production and have assured potentional use 100% of production. It is estimated around 10 kW capacity is possible in considering shadeing and multi level /multi positioned pannels installation. Presently it is managed by embedded network. Do nothing option cannot be considered due to sustainability.
    Question 1.
    Is it possible to get a constant gap tariff C / kwhr ( actual – FIT) ?
    Question 2
    Best Investment loan ( or government incentive loans) with the assured monthly payment for the first 3-4 years.
    Question 3
    Any issues in using the Solar energy generated to residents ( including tenannts) and ripe the benefits to Owner’s Corporation after initial capital payment?

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