Elon Musk’s Biggest Lithium-Ion Battery Is Ahead of Schedule

The system will provide enough power for more than 30,000 homes, about the number that lost power during the state’s blackouts a year ago

Image credit: TED.com
Elon Musk’s pledge of building the largest lithium-ion battery system in Australia is ahead of schedule, having half of the project already completed. With 100 wind turbines already raised, Musk announced that a contract has already been signed with South Australia’s power distributor resulting in a 100-day deadline to install the battery storage system as reported by Bloomberg. He also stated that half of the 100-megawatt capacity was already placed on site. This means that the storage unit will be in place before the deadline and before the grid comes under strain in December.
To have that done in two months is really pretty amazing. You can’t even remodel your kitchen in that amount of time. It serves as a great example to the rest of the world of what can be done Elon Musk
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