Diamonds A Solution For Disposing Of Nuclear Waste?

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
October 20, 2017

New Atlas reported that researchers have found a way to use diamonds to convert nuclear waste into long-lasting batteries.

A team of chemists and physicists from the University of Bristol has discovered the new technology that turns dangerous nuclear waste into energy that can be stored and can last an incredibly long time. According the the researchers, after 5730 years of it’s life, a diamond battery could still generate 50% of it’s energy capacity.

Advantages of the diamond battery include:

  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance required
  • No greenhouse gas emissions produced from the process
  • No fuel is required to use the batteries

Obvious applications would be in low-power electrical devices where long life of the energy source is needed, such as pacemakers, satellites, high-altitude drones, or even spacecraft. There are so many possible uses that we’re asking the public to come up with suggestions of how they would utilize this technology by using #diamondbattery.

Tom Scott, Professor in Materials at the University of Bristol’s Interface Analysis Center

Click here to read the full story on New Atlas

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