The Con Man Who Cost Australian Their Solar Dream

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
June 9, 2017

For a growing list of customers across Australia who believed they were buying solar panels for their homes, Tony Smith (or Tony Agius) was the man who stole their money and savings.

The million dollar scam started last March when the Real Tony Agius of Brisbane answered an online job ad looking for solar panel sales people. He applied for the job and got it. A few days later, on March 28, The Australian Securities and Investment Commission registered a change in officeholders at a company called LG Energy Solutions Pty Ltd. and the sole director became Anthony Agius of Underwood Brisbane.

By April, their “Easter Sale” was catching momentum in the solar rooftop and battery packages, which was heavily subsidized by the federal government’s solar rebate.

A package that the legit LG, the Korean-owned conglomerate, sells goes for $25,000. For the so called LG Solutions, they are offering the package for $15,999.

Click here to read the full story on The Islander

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