China’s Toxic Lake will Make You Think Twice about Another Electronic Device

A result of human activity and overpopulation.

toxic lake
Disturbing report from the BBC: Canada’s oil patch will pale in comparison to this Chinese toxic pond. The Baogang Steel and rare Earth Complex in Inner Mongolia is enclosed by a humongous lake of toxic sludge, and it’s a scene of ruthless environmental destruction. And the worst part is that it became this way as a result of human activity and overpopulation. Harvesting minerals from the Earth in large quantities has depleted resources substantially and the scene surrounding the plant is enough to make anyone questions human’s collective sanity. Are we here to destroy the planet or to take care of it? According to Tim Maughan of the BBC, the city-sized Baogang Steel and Rare Earth Complex dominates the horizon. It’s endless cooling towers and chimneys reaching up into grey, washed-out sky. Expanding into the distance lies an artificial lake that is filled with black, barely liquid and very toxic sludge. Dozens of pipes line the shore, churning out thick, black chemical waste from the refineries that surround the lake. The smell of sulphur and the loud roar of the pipes invade the senses. Maughan visited Baogang with a group of architects and designers known as the Unknown Fields Division. Their goal: tracing consumer goods from American shelves to their origins in China. China is home to about 95% of the world’s total supply of rare Earth elements, and the Bayan Obo mines near Baotou are home to about 70% of that. The toxic lake at Baotou is a large pond that was created by damming a river and flooding what was once farmland. Just think of these gadget companies that require hardware upgrades every 6 months or every year, encouraging everyone to continue to upgrade to the latest model. Don’t forget that it all ends up in a place like Baotou and the terrible and horrible toxic lake that it will leave behind. Click here to read the full story on the BBC  

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Written by Jon Capistrano

Jon specialises in research and content creation for our outreach campaigns. He’s worked as a technical support representative for Dell, America Online, Xbox and Dodo Australia. He’s an avid scooterist and musician.

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  1. I don’t want to say this but…..The lake will not change anyone except maybe a few people around the world mate. (China’s Toxic Lake will Make You Think Twice about Another Electronic Device)

    See the world’s people revolve around certain things eg: Money, Oil, Religion and power. These are very unlikely to change until the day it becomes clear we have no where else to go to. We cannot go back, left, right or forward. It’s to late the world has become so poisoned (toxi) we cannot do a thing except die from the creations we have made.

    You would have to blame everyone, why? Well as consumers we demand everything now not tomorrow. In the old days (1940 to 1980’s) we saved to own a TV or other item(s) for a long time. Now we can get it on demand eg: credit cards, interest free terms and it goes on and on.
    We now live in a society where no one cares where it comes from so long as it’s there. We ignore the lakes, rivers, land and so on, I want it now and now means now idots. Gimme, Gimme imma human who does not care about anything except me. Companies have jumped on this bandwagon with a fist full of dollars and their shareholders want even more. So the envitable will happen. One only has to look at the world oceans to see floating rubbish piles (dumps) floating around.

    I have come to realise that as a species we are doomed by our own consumption and the things we want. All those people out there that are trying to do the right thing are by all means losing the battle to save this awesome world (planet) we live on.

    Until everyone see’s what they are doing to this awesome planet when they buy any product(s) then nothing to this day and beyond will change. I see that people do not care and never will. Politicians only care about being elected and nothing more.
    Poor country’s will blame big country’s and the game continues…on….and….on

    People of this world (earth) You have doomed us to a slow death. Until you stand up and realise what you are doing wrong then………….Things can change……….Otherwise we are already dead just waiting the trial.

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