China Now Boasts The Largest Offshore Solar Power Plant in the World

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
June 18, 2017

While the present US government continues to ignore its carbon-cutting responsibilities, China is setting itself to be the de facto leader on climate change advocacy. Their coal use is going down and the government is investing heavily in both nuclear, wind power and now, owning the world’s largest offshore, floating solar power farm.

Last month, Sungrow Power Supply announced that they have finished building a 40-megawatt solar power plant, which was constructed on an old and flooded mining town. It’s offshore from Huainan and is successfully connected to the grid. It hardly takes up space and uses less energy as compared to other solar farms as the seawater acts as a coolant.

The solar power plant is part of the country’s effort to become a green superpower.


Click here to read the full story on IFL Science

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