Carbon-free Fuel Discovery Will Make Australia Leading Renewable Energy Supplier in The World

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
May 18, 2017

Multi-million dollar research into separating hydrogen from Australia’s mixed gas streams could present an alternative to the traditional liquefied gas industry.

The 2-year project led by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO) will close a gap in a global energy technology that can make Australia the world’s number one renewable energy provider.

According to Renewable Hydrogen chairman Brett Cooper, CSIRO’s membrane technology can enable a new and potentially carbon-free export that can match the scale of the present LNG industry. He said that this technology can deliver their renewable energy to Japan, Korea and across the Asia Pacific region in liquid form, as renewable ammonia and efficiently convert it back to pure hydrogen for vehicles, power generation and industrial processes.

The CSIRO’s membrane reactor technology is said to link hydrogen production, delivery and distribution in the form of a modular unit that can be used at or near refuelling stations.

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