Canadian Solar Team Up With Photon Energy In Building 1.14 Gigawatts Of Solar

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
February 9, 2018

Canadian Solar has partnered with Photon Energy to develop 5 utility-scale solar power projects that will total 1.14 megawatts in New South Wales, Australia as reported by PV Tech.

Here are the key details about the partnership:

  • Canadian Solar will own 51% shares in each of Photon Energy’s 5 project companies in Australia.
  • The project will include a 316 megawatt project in Gunning, which is owned by Photon Energy.
  • The other 4 projects will be co-developed by Photon Energy and Polpo Investment.

This transaction represents an exciting moment for the Photon Energy Group with our long-term commitment to the Australian market bearing fruit. This cooperation marks a tangible achievement of the entire team in Australia who have gained the trust of a leading global player in the solar industry such as Canadian Solar.

Georg Hotar, CEO of Photon Energy NV

Click here to read the full story on PV Tech


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