More and More Australians are Switching to Renewables to Battle High Electricity Costs

Jon Capistrano
Jon Capistrano
July 25, 2017

As high energy price hikes are beginning to sweep across Australia, more Australians households are looking and switching towards renewable energy solutions for their homes.

Partly to blame is the closure of coal-fired power stations that includes the Hazelwood power plant in Victoria and Playford in South Australia. Households are bracing for a 20% energy bill increase.

The high price of gas, specifically the shortage of east coast domestic supply has also been a key driver in the rising cost of electricity. Australia’s leading solar and battery installer Natural Solar believes that the country has reached a tipping point with rising electricity costs.

With Tesla and LG Chem already offering natural energy solutions, Sonnen, Europe’s biggest battery provider is the latest player to the join the Australian renewable market.

Sonnen is offering free power up to a certain amount for homes using its solar and storage system. This free power deal with Sonnen acting as both the manufacturer of solar power storage batteries and the retailer for the power.

In return for paying grid usage customers to allow Sonnen to access to a small amount of stored power from its batteries, which is made available to the grid during peak demands – amounts that are usually less than 3% of a fully charged battery.

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