Australian States Strive Towards Renewable Energy Targets Independent of Government

South Australia is leading the race, with ACT and Tasmania close behind, says Climate Council

renewable energy target
Australian states are developing their own policies to meet the federal government’s renewable energy target goals. South Australia is leading the race with ACT and Tasmania not far behind, according to the report by the Climate Council as reported by The Guardian. Victoria and Queensland placed in the middle while the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and New South Wales are at the tail end. While federal government seemingly does nothing towards these goals, most of the states have committed to their own renewable energy targets alone and have made strong renewable and emissions reduction policies:
  • South Australia leads with 47% from renewable resources
  • ACT at 22% from renewable resources
  • Tasmania is at 92% from renewables, mostly dominated by large-scale hydro power
  • New South Wales at 17%
  • Victoria at 12%
  • Queensland at 7%
  • Northern Territory at 2%.
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