Why Australian Electricity Costs Have Been Going Up For Decades

there is no single factor or decision is responsible for the electricity price hikes Australians are enduring today, but it is the concurrence of many different policies and pressures at every step of the electricity supply chain

Why are Australian Electricity bills going up? Conservatives blame renewables while the federal government blames everyone else as reported by Finder.   There are 4 components that make up the electricity bill and each of them has contributed to the price hike:
  1. The cost of transporting electricity
  2. The cost of billing the customer
  3. The cost of generating electricity
  4. The cost of environmental schemes that customers pay for through the electricity bills
Every state will have a different rate but ultimately, the price hike is due to 10 years of policy failure. For more information, click here to read the full story on Finder

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Written by Jon Capistrano

Jon specialises in research and content creation for our outreach campaigns. He’s worked as a technical support representative for Dell, America Online, Xbox and Dodo Australia. He’s an avid scooterist and musician.

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